Is the far-infrared infused in the wooden base of the AcuBrusher? How long does it last and is there a difference of quality between the different wood types?
UFFY’s team spent nearly a year perfecting the technology of infusing the far-infrared nanomaterials into natural wood. Unlike the commonly known far-infrared ray, the far-infrared benefits can simply be activated upon contact, or more precisely, with a body temperature at 25 Celsius degrees. The far-infrared feature helps enhance blood circulation. Lastly, the emission of the far-infrared will never expire!


What is the best way to clean the AcuBrusher? Can I rinse it with water? And how often should I be cleaning it?
You can clean your AcuBrusher once a week using a toothbrush to gently remove tangled hair. Once every month or two, spray the AcuBrusher with a disinfectant mist that contains alcohol for a deeper clean. You can also add a little bit of shampoo onto the toothbrush to brush clean. Rinse it, then wipe the wooden base dry, before placing it in a shaded area to air dry.


When is the best time to brush my hair and how long should I do it for each time? And will I be hurting my scalp if I continuously brush my hair?
There are no fixed rules when it comes to brushing your hair! Brushing your hair after having washed your hair will help with detangling hair knots. Having said that, the AcuBrusher is also designed to be a scalp massager, so we recommend you use it before bedtime, in the morning or when you feel like you need a refresher in the middle of a workday. The goal of hair brushing and massaging your scalp is to relax you. you can massage your scalp as long as your scalp feels comfortable.


Will I be losing a lot of hair from brushing?
Nope! You won’t be losing more than what you already would have lost! Keep in mind that it is natural to lose some hair. On average, healthy scalps would see 2 to 3 hair strands grow from the same follicle. When hair follicles are damaged or in an unhealthy state, hair loss and thinning can occur. Massaging your scalp and brushing your hair help stimulate blood flow, which in turn, brings nutrients to your scalp. When your scalp is well cared for, it promotes healthy hair growth.


Will the gold on the copper bristles fade in color?
This will depend on how frequently the AcuBrusher is being used. Our copper bristles are plated with high-quality 24K gold. However, gold is a soft metal so when it comes in frequent contact with hair, it is natural for the color to gradually fade.


Is the far infrared infused in the bristles or in the wooden base? Does it only benefit the part where it comes in contact with?
Our technology infuses the far-infrared into the wooden base of The AcuBrusher; the far-infrared is only activated upon contact. However, its conductivity is strong and it can benefit our entire body by enhancing blood flow and promoting circulation.


Can I use the AcuBrusher on wet hair?
In general, brushing your hair when it is wet can cause more breakage. We recommend you to brush your hair after it has been fully dried to unknot and detangle without causing any unnecessary damage.


Are there any side effects to using a product that is infused with far-infrared?
No, there are no side effects. Far infrared rays are non-invasive and safe, and cause no harm to human bodies. Far infrared can improve blood circulation and has been associated with an overall improvement in health.


Can I use the AcuBrusher to blow dry my hair?
Yes! The AcuBrusher is heat resistant so you can blow dry your hair with it.


How should I care for my AcuBrusher?
Avoid placing the AcuBrusher in direct sunlight or leaving it in the sun for a longer period of time. The sun may cause the cushion to lose its bounciness. And be sure that the AcuBrusher can dry completely after being rinsed in water.