About Uffy

Hi, I’m Junni, Founder of Uffy. But I’m first and foremost a mom of two kids. Playing multiple roles on a daily basis often means I have very little time left for myself. However, the beauty of our scalp-massaging hairbrushes is their ability to be incorporated into your wellness routine despite having a busy schedule. It offers me a brief moment of relaxation when I use it to massage my head, and it gives me a touch of confidence when I use it to brush my hair.



We are from Taiwan, Together with Taiwanese artisans who have over 40 years of comb-making experience, we created a one-of-a-kind hairbrush they feel extremely proud of: The Acubrusher.

After completing a highly successful crowdfunding campaign on Zeczec, a local creative-oriented crowdfunding platform, we have sold over 10,000 units within the first year.



Most of the people are unaware that many high-quality hairbrushes sold by top Japanese and European brands are in fact made in Taiwan!

“A lot of combs are sold to Japan, and from Japan, they’re sold to other parts of the world. Many times, people thought they were made there when actually the brushes are from Taiwan; it’s really a pity for Taiwanese craftsmanship to stay behind the scenes,” said Master Yang(Comb artisans), a veteran artisan who specializes in making combs.




 Our team has been in the hairbrush industry in Taiwan for over 6 years. From our experience, we realized a lot of people don’t truly understand the benefits of hair brushing. In fact, there’s often a misconception that men or those with short hair don’t need to brush their hair.