The world's first to be infused with far-infrared technology

  • Exclusive Far-infrared Technology

    The nanomaterial is injected into the wooden base of the comb, which allows the far-infrared to beactivated upon contact with your body temperature.No power source is required, and it never expires!

  • Detangle with rust-proof and Static-free bristles

    The copper bristles offer antimicrobial properties to care for the well-being of the scalp and are carefully coated with 24K gold to reduce static. Less static means fewer hair knots.

  • What makes the Acubrusher 2.0 Unique?

    We only source the finest materials to produce our products. In addition to using premium authentic wood, antioxidant soft cushions and 24K gold plated copper bristles to create the scalp massager.

Handcrafted by Artisans in Taiwan

The cobblestone-like shape can only be handcrafted so Lin searched for artisans in Taiwan who have decades of experience in crafting wooden brushes. Every product is carefully made by hand for that reason.


The Acubrusher -  Beech Wood

Watch how Far-infrared works!

Let’s see what happens to the blood flow once the same person picks up the AcuBrusher